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Posted by caspericu (admin) on May 03 2010
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First, you need to remember that whatever happens – you will marry the love of your life and the party is secondary. It is hard to let go of the day that you planned so meticulously, but if you focus on the fact that the two of you are beginning your life together, than the other stuff just fades away.

As a wedding planner, I see mistakes happen all the time. So how do you deal with something that falls apart on your special day?

1. Keep an open mind. PERFECT is unattainable – so most likely, something will go wrong. But if you keep your mindset open to the positives that will happen that day and know that whatever happens can be dealt with, then you will have conquered the hardest part.

2. Always have a Plan B. Don’t focus too much on what could go wrong, but make sure you have steps in place in case weather turns bad. Once you have them in place forget about them and plan for the way you want it to go. You will be comforted with the knowledge that you are prepared in case something goes wrong.

3. Have a sense of humor. I admit, it is hard to see the humor when a vendor doesn’t show – but this is where you can depend on friends and family to help you. Laughter solves everything.

4. Be creative. What if a vendor doesn’t show or your cake falls. Most likely in these cases you are under the gun and need a quick fix. This is where you can turn to your family and friends for help. If your photographer doesn’t show – ask several friends to take pictures for you. If your cake falls have someone run to a grocery store to get a replacement, if the DJ’s equipment fails – look for someone’s iPod.

5. Be Forgiving. Stuff happens. You need to be able to let it go so you can get back to celebrating your day. The wedding day is great & you will always remember it, but it is the marriage that matters. Hopefully, when you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary you remember the wonderful times you had as a couple and not that your cake fell on your wedding day.

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